November 17, 2019

A lack of faith creates fear. 

Not just in the religious, God-fearing sense, but in every circumstance, a lack of faith creates fear. 

"But Jesus overheard them and said..., 'Don't be afraid. Just have faith.'"

Mark 5:36

No faith that the unseen environment is safe from harm creates fear of the dark.

No faith that whatever is under us will protect us from falling creates fear of heights.

No faith that the plane will stay airborne and land safely creates fear of flying. 

Here's the big one.

No faith that God will treat us with love and care creates fear of trusting God.

But aren't we supposed to fear God?  

Yes, but with a healthy fear that looks a lot more like respect and yes, trust. 

Think of God like a loving Hallmark or Disney Dad. Except unlike the movies, this perfect loving father NEVER messes up or makes selfish choices or misunderstands. He is totally trustworthy.

In the real world, this perfect Father may not exist - even in the movies. But He does exist i...

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