May 10, 2017

A Beach-Inspired Tale of Two Shells...

As I walked along the beach last week, I discovered the points of a large shell poking out of the surf. Big shells that make it to the beach are usually battered and broken. But this one looked promising.

I waded into the receding waves to unearth the shell. Dug deeply into the sand, it was pretty, pink, and perfect! I rinsed it off and proceeded with a pleased smile.

On my return trek, I came across a second shell rolling in on a wave. It reminded me of the cartoon drawing with the old lady telling us to “enjoy the ride!” The same type and size as my perfect find, this shell carried barnacles. The points were worn off. Scars and holes marred the gray carcass. And yet, my heart thrilled with joy at the sight of that ugly shell rolling in on a wave.

My muse whispered and I was inspired to share this lesson on enjoying the journey.

1. Choose Experience Over Appearance

Sure, the perfect pink shell is prettier. But it’s no fun being a trophy sitting on a sh...

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