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The Premonition

“We believe we are all saved the same way, by the undeserved grace of the Lord Jesus.”

Acts 15:11 NLT

Kate James felt a calling, deep in her soul. The warm yearning drew her toward the pearly gates.

Her heart bubbled with excitement. By some miraculous knowing that she’d only experienced since entering heaven, she anticipated meeting a new brother.

A brother she’d known back on earth – but who could it be?

Anxious to meet this newly transformed soul, her steps quickened across the fluffy cloud until she merely floated through the soft, sparkling air.

Still amazed by her glorified, heavenly body, she waved her arms with glee. The freedom of her physical body could not be described or compared to anything she’d felt on earth. Like a bird, she floated free. Like a fish, she swam in the wondrous waters of heaven. Like a spirit, she wandered about at will, traveling from mountains to oceans, from forests to beaches, from glittering cities filled with brothers and sisters and feasts and celebrations to solitary stretches of God’s glorious paradise.

She returned now from a meditative stroll on a beautiful beach. Cool, azure waters lapped at her feet and the Holy sun, the light of the living God, warmed her face. Purple mountains rose against the horizon. Palms and plants of emerald green grew among bright pink mandevilla and deep red hibiscus that encircled the gleaming white sand.

Gleaming white – like the pearly gates she approached. There to her left, John appeared.

“Ready for your first welcome celebration?” he asked.

“Yes! I can’t wait!”

“How was the beach, Kate?” Jesus appeared to her right. Being omniscient, of course, He knew where she’d been. Warmth filled her, knowing Jesus knew her so intimately.

“You know how much I enjoy the beach, Jesus.”

“Ah yes, it’s a beautiful, restful place, created by our Father for our enjoyment.” Jesus glowed with gladness. Then he grew thoughtful. “Kate, back on earth, I gave you a premonition.”

Kate gasped, immediately knowing what Jesus referred to. “Right before I died.” Her depth of understanding in heaven blew her mind.

“It has come to pass,” Jesus said.

“Jake died,” she whispered.

“Yes. He is joining us,” Jesus assured her.

Kate and John looked at each other in disbelief.

“Here in heaven?” John asked.

“He is my child.” Jesus smiled. “On earth, he struggled so. But now he is at peace.”

Pleasant surprise, warm and fuzzy, stirred Kate’s insides. “I’m so grateful.” That admission would have been no small feat back on earth, where Jake had been an unfaithful husband to her precious granddaughter Rachel.

“Rachel’s daughters will see their father again one day.” She elbowed John. “Never imagined that I’d be glad to see Jake again.”

John’s hearty laugh made Jesus smile.

“But what if we didn’t?” Kate asked. “What about family who doesn’t go to heaven?”

Jesus sobered. “Dear Katie, you have no worries about that.” He waved his arms toward the angels around them, singing praises. A seasoned Latino man, and a young blonde woman with a tiny Latino baby gathered beside them. Jake’s deceased family.

“You have all of eternity to understand what family means in heaven.”

Jesus motioned toward a glorified Jake. Handsome as he’d been on earth, he was now perfection – as they all were.

Jake approached the pearly gates, looking just as mystified by his entrance to heaven as Kate had been.

Jesus touched Kate’s shoulder as he moved toward Jake. “Today we celebrate with our brother.”


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Disclaimer: This story is completely FICTIONAL based partly on what the Bible says about heaven and partly on the author's vivid imagination.

Read more about Kate's family life on earth, her grandson-in-law Jake, and her granddaughter Rachel in the Crystal Falls Series.

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