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Above All, Pray

"Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as

you are strong in spirit." 3 John 1:2

"God hears you. He is listening to hear from His people. He wants to heal your land."

Chad stirred from the dream. His grandmother Kate appeared to him from heaven, offering her own brand of encouragement. He chuckled. Grandma Kate had been as strong-willed as a woman could get, yet she'd always submitted to her God.

Not so much to Grandpa, but he'd had ways of getting his way.

The world his grandparents knew had long ago vanished. He was glad his beloved grandparents were watching the debacle of this earth from the safety of heaven.

In Chad's experience, the world kept getting sicker and more evil -- from physical sickness and mental illness to political corruption and blatant disregard for humanity.

Yet One was trustworthy: the Three in One -- Father, Son and Holy Spirit -- the Trinity of God. He trusted his God like his grandmother had trusted hers -- the One and Only God of heaven and earth.

During these times of trauma and uncertainty, all he could do was pray.

That had been his grandmother's message in the dream. God hears. He is listening. He wants to heal this land.

"Above all, pray." The words resounded clearly. Chad looked around the bedroom, but no one was there. His big, black Labrador slept soundly on the cushion beside his bed.

Again, the words reverberated. "Above all, pray."

He sat straight up in bed. He knew it wasn't necessary, but for this prayer, he felt compelled to climb out of bed and get on his knees.

As soon as he threw back the blankets, the morning chill permeated his bones. The floor was cold, his boxers were small and his feet were bare.

Yet drastic times called for drastic measures.

As soon as he hit his knees, warmth covered him. His toes nestled into the soft rug, and a sense of wellbeing washed over him. His dog awoke and snuggled against his bare legs. And the heat kicked on.

"Dear Lord, thank you for hearing me. I know you're listening, and I know you want to heal our land. Only You can bring a miracle to heal the sickness that destroys Your people. Only You can move Your people's hearts toward faith, love, and peace. Heal us, Lord in Your mercy and grace..."

"Return, all of you who have turned away from the Lord; he will heal you and make you faithful. You say, 'Yes, we are coming to the Lord because he is our God.'"

Jeremiah 3:22 GNT


What is your prayer today?


Chad James is the hero in Violets for Vanessa, Book 3 in The Crystal Falls Series.

Find Violets for Vanessa, and Dianne's other books HERE.

Struggling to be free of her abusive father, Vanessa Gallagher cannot resist handsome contractor Chad James. Although she fears being controlled by another man, his kind encouragement comforts her and his kisses leave her wanting more. When Mr. Gallagher meets his doom at the bottom of a cliff, police suspect Vanessa’s mother. Will Chad help absolve her? Who will uncover the truth in an unexpected turn of events? And will Vanessa ever choose love over independence?

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