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Sunflowers for Sarita
BOOK 4 in The Crystal Falls Series

Fighting to relinquish her unsavory reputation, Sarita Santos strives to raise her young daughter as a Christian. While gorgeous Max Carter tempts her to rely on his affluence and care, she remains traumatized by her treacherous past. After the release of her ex-boyfriend from prison, her daughter is kidnapped. He threatens to kill the child he wanted aborted unless he receives a huge ransom. Will Max pay off this convict? Who will rescue the innocent little girl? And will Sarita ever know the refuge of real love? ​

Violets for Vanessa

BOOK 3 in The Crystal Falls Series


Struggling to be free of her abusive father, Vanessa Gallagher cannot resist handsome contractor Chad James. Although she fears being controlled by another man, his kind encouragement comforts her and his kisses leave her wanting more. When Mr. Gallagher meets his doom at the bottom of a cliff, police suspect Vanessa’s mother. Will Chad help absolve her? Who will uncover the truth in an unexpected turn of events? And will Vanessa ever choose love over independence?    

Roses NEW Cover e-book.jpg
Roses for Rachel

BOOK 2 in The Crystal Falls Series


Young widow Rachel Santos tries to get past the pain of losing her husband. Attracted to pretty boys, she goes from one bad relationship to another. When someone vandalizes her house. Rachel confides in faithful Elliot Truman, but refuses to see him as anything but a friend. The stalker breaks into her home, and Rachel fears for the safety of her children. When her work is sabotaged , she loses her job and cannot pay the rent. Will she be able to support and protect her daughters? Who can stop this demented stalker? And will Rachel ever be able to trust Elliot with her heart?​

Lilacs Ebook.jpg
Lilacs for Laura
BOOK 1 in The Crystal Falls Series

Laura James cannot deny her attraction when she stumbles into Brett Mitchell. Drawn to one another despite their conflicting goals, Laura longs for a secure future in her Ohio hometown, while Brett yearns for adventure. When he lands a NASCAR job in North Carolina, Laura fears she will never see him again. Devastated, she withdraws just when she needs help most. Her brother-in-law is murdered and all evidence points to Laura. Will Brett return to help clear her? Who will reveal the killer in a shocking twist? And will Laura ever find security in love?

Time to Enjoy Your Blessings
Time To Enjoy Your Blessings


Balance and simplify your life… and enjoy your blessings!  Using biblical principles and simple techniques, discover how to:

  • Establish priorities

  • Set goals

  • Simplify your life

  • Organize your home

  • Get things done

  • And more!

Enjoy the journey to simplicity and balance. Get back to the basics of God and family today –and take the time to enjoy your blessings!

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