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6 Ways to Enjoy The Best Summer Ever

Swimsuit and flip flops and sweet tea - oh my!

It's summer and the living is easy!

Well, not always... I have my swimsuit and flip flops and Southern sweet tea, but no, the living is not always easy. Actually, you can see raindrops in the photo! And no, a photo of me in that swimsuit is not going public, either. One piece or not.

But I do plan to enjoy this summer. Here's the strategy:

1. Forget Perfection. Enjoy your home, and let friends visit without going crazy cleaning. Sure, do the dishes, a quick sweep and straighten, and wipe down the bathroom. But forget dusting tables, nooks and crannies. Children's fingerprints and sand at the door show signs of summer fun. Slack off and enjoy!

2. Allow Margin. Leave time in your schedule for spontaneity! We recently had a surprise visit from out of town friends. Thankfully, we didn't have too many plans. So when we got the unexpected text that they were visiting their son and would like to see us, we were happy - and able - to make time to see them.

3. Schedule Fun. Make fun times routine. I enjoy walking the beach and swimming in the pool. So I try to keep an hour of my day free - generally after work and before dinner - for the beach or pool. This time also allows margin in case something comes up.

4. Book A Weekend Off. Sure, there's painting and yard work to do, but don't pack every weekend with projects. You don't have to leave town to enjoy a relaxing weekend. Hang out in your hometown. Visit a park, try a new restaurant, and enjoy places where you'd take a visitor. Find some water - ocean, lake, pond, creek or river - and enjoy the view.

5. Plan Time Away. Vacay doesn't have to be expensive. Go camping, stay with friends or family, or take day trips in your local region. Treat your home like a bed and breakfast! Prepare breakfast casseroles, muffins and fruit that you can eat each morning before your excursions, and then spend several days on vacation in your own area.

6. Make It Meaningful. Seek God. Help others. Make a difference. Chat with a lonely neighbor. Play ball with the only child next door. Take a meal to a shut in. Invite a friend for a cup of coffee or tea and catch up.

The lazy days of summer create an opportunity to draw closer to family, friends, and even God. Rather than taking a vacation from your Creator, regularly worship, pray and read His Word. He is the One - and the ONLY one - who can make this season the best summer ever!

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