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Mix-it-up Decorating Challenges

Mixing decorating styles can be challenging! Some may even feel it's wrong.

But it can be fun to experiment with whatever you have in different styles to create a new look.

Recently I received these chunky lavender candleholders from Lamps Plus at the Haven conference.

Mix and Mingle -

Since I love vintage style, I got creative with china teacups and vintage dishes.

Pretty books provide height, along with a pedestal plate that draws in more purple. Crystal candlesticks and a touch of lace complete the vintage look while adding both smooth and textured surfaces.

Light it Up!

Remember the power of LIGHTING in decor. Battery-powered electric candles provide light without worry about fire - whether you have children or pets, or just want to leave the room and enjoy light when you return.

Rearrange & Edit -

Move items around to find a look you like. Vary heights by using plates instead of books. Set the vase to one side instead of center stage. Bring in dishes from the china hutch, flowers from the yard, and books or lace or decor from another room.

Have Fun!

Rather than a challenge, consider decorating as play! Enjoy the process and remember -- you can move items around as often as you like. Let it sit for a while.

Take a break. Enjoy a cup of tea and read a book.

Later, you may be inspired to tweak an angle, add an item, or take something away. Let your decor be an ever-changing montage that fluctuates with the occasion, the season, and your mood!

What works for you?

Or what's your greatest challenge?

Share your decorating directions and dilemmas in the comments.

We look forward to hearing from you!

God's Blessings,


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Get back to the basics and make more time to enjoy YOUR blessings!

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