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A Few of My Favorite Things... and a Laugh at the End

Happy Fall, Y'all! While it's not official until later this month, fall is definitely in the air with back to school and summer vacations over and talk of pumpkins and leaves and giant chrysanthemums on sale at Costco.

These gigantic mums are loaded with buds just starting to open. So they should last long into fall. Then, of course, I can plant them in the yard to bloom again next year.

And FLOWERS are one of my favorite things.

But ranking way before flowers on my favorites list is my FAMILY. Today is my daughter's first anniversary. For one year now, she's been married to a wonderful Christian man who loves her and encourages her and makes her happy. That makes this momma happy!

I've officially been a mother-in-law for a year now. My son first made me a mother, and my daughter first made me a mother-in-law. Along with my new son-in-law and a new daughter-in-law added in November, I love my children so much I can't stand it! 😍

And hubby too. He's out of town this weekend, off to do car shows and swap meets and racing stuff with our son in Charlotte. After 35 years of marriage, the house feels very quiet and lonely today.

However, at least if I have to sleep by myself, I have these beautiful new sheets to sleep on. NEW SHEETS are definitely one of my favorite things.

Aren't they gorgeous in all their blue and white paisley-ness? Don't they just make you want to climb in for a luxurious afternoon nap?

Here's a close up of the pretty paisley fabric:

And the best part? They are an absolute steal on Amazon.

Two years ago we finally bought a king-sized bed. Do you know how much king sheets are? Whoa! I've been washing the same set of sheets over and over for two years.

I was thrilled to find these beauties for under $30! What? 🤯

Bonus #1: They come in a bazillion beautiful colors, including this pretty paisley print.

Bonus #2: They don't wrinkle! No kidding.

Finally, affordable king-sized sheets that lay flat, look great, feel soft, and add pretty blue and white paisley to my bedroom.

Find Mellanni Bed Sheet Set Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bedding - Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant here:

Here's another new fave of mine.

A new PURSE!

I'm pretty particular about my purse, and I love this one. It has an adjustable cross-body strap, and it's not too big nor too small. Best of all, it has a nice wide bottom so there's plenty of space for a wallet, sunglasses, etc.

On the back, there's an outside pocket for your keys and phone, and three inside pockets too.

It's way affordable and comes in lots of colors besides dark blue.

Here's the link:

Anyone who knows me well knows I love tea, teapots, and tea cups.

Another favorite -- these pretty TEA CUPS!

They make me feel all dainty and pretty just looking at them. Like I want to invite friends over for a tea party. They are also a bargain, in a set of all four, and here's the link:

What's a pretty teacup without your favorite tea?

Especially for cooler weather, I love VANILLA CHAI TEA! I stir in a teaspoon of honey while it's hot. Yum!

And last but certainly not least, my newest FAVORITE -- along with some comic relief.

This week I got a NEW CAR! Isn't it cool - all black and stealthy?

It's new to me - a 2006 Cadillac CTS and I love it!

So I was excited yesterday. After a trip to the DMV, I did a little shopping. I bought air fresheners for my new car, and hit the farmer's market to get weekend food just for me. (Hubby's out of town, remember?)

I bought a big salad and grilled chicken breasts and peaches and zucchini and a single slice of chocolate pie for a treat.

I drove home and messed around with the new radio and gathered up my purchases and went into the house.

And realized I locked my keys in the car.


So I called hubby.

He said, "You're done. The keys to the 1986 Buick are there on the key rack."

Yeah, like I want to drive the 1986 Buick. Sure, he fixed it up and it looks cool.

But it has a carburetor and I've been so done with carburetors since the 1980s and the AC doesn't work and it's still 90 degrees here in South Carolina and I'm just not comfortable driving that big boat of a 1980s car.

Call me a sissy, I don't care.

So I went back outside to see if by some miracle, one of the doors would open on my new car.

But not only did none of the doors open, I saw that I'd left the sunroof cracked up.

Not enough to get in and rescue my keys, mind you.

Just enough to let it rain inside.

And hubby won't be home for three days.

So I gathered up some black trash bags and the duct tape.

And as I taped, yes, it started raining. Of course.

So I made my cool and stealthy new car look like this:

See that little bump where the sunroof is cracked open beneath the trash bags?

Yeah. It kills me.

My neighbors were probably all impressed with my cool new car.

And then thought, "What the ______?"

So until my hubby gets back on Sunday afternoon, I'm stuck at home. (Unless I want to drive the 1986 Buick which would have to be an Emergency Room-type emergency.)

So today I'm writing and going for a bike ride and tomorrow I'll be watching church online.

Because my cool new car is sitting in the driveway looking all redneck and sad and very un-cool.

Thank goodness I bought the chocolate pie.

Please share your comments, snarky or otherwise, below. 😉

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