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All is Well...

“ 'All is well!' He bowed down before the king with his face to the ground and said,

'Praise be to the Lord your God! ' " II Samuel 18:28

Last week we evacuated due to Hurricane Florence. Since her path headed north of us, we decided to take the southern route. A dear friend offered her family's vacation home on St. Simon's Island on the coast of Georgia.

We enjoyed sunsets like this.

Morning walks like this.

Saw a HORSE on the beach!

And even a wedding in the distance.

Life is GOOD.

GOD is good.

The best part of all? God protected our family AND our home. He answered our prayers and Florence drastically diminished. She missed Charleston altogether.

We are praying for our friends in North Carolina and other parts of South Carolina where Florence showed up and did her damage. Prayers for y'all, my friends.

May God be with you. May He comfort you in tragedy and provide for you in loss.

May you too say, all is well.

This time our family was spared. But we too have suffered loss. Now I share a tribute with you.

Today, September 21st, is my sister Debbie's birthday.

Here she was back in the early 90's, big hair and all.

She would have been 55 today. But she went home to be with Jesus at age 29.

Before her 30th birthday, 25 years ago, I lost my sister.

I lost.... but SHE won!

SHE gets to spend her birthday in heaven, with Jesus, every birthday and every single day from now to eternity!

This morning, I talked to my mom and we shared thoughts on Debbie. How we lost her too young. How her daughter lost her too soon.

And how we look forward to seeing her again one day!

Yesterday, I talked to my niece, Kim, who was only 10 when her mom died. Kim made my day when she told me, "You remind me of her more than you know, Aunt Dianne." 😍

How awesome is that????

One day we'll all be together again.

With sweet and loving memories, and the promise of eternity in heaven, we know God is good, all the time.

He loves us, protects us, and provides for us. He gives us nature's beauty to enjoy.

All is well with my soul.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever." I Chronicles 16:34

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