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Out of the Darkness - Into the LIGHT

"For you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light." I Peter 2:9

Everyone endures darkness - those times when we lose a loved one,

suffer an incurable illness, or miss someone who moved away.

Darkness manifests maladies from depression to addiction to doubting God.

In the cold cave of darkness, anguish, pain and fear feel so black that we are blinded. Sobs wrack our bodies and veils of tears blur even the blackness.

Our minds tumble into a black hole of never-ending grief.

Bats swoop low in this dark cave -

demons dive bombing us with evil darts of lies that feed the fear.

Our cold, shivering skin crawls with spiders

of accusation and guilt constantly creeping over us.

Darkness covers us like a lead blanket.

Heavy pressure weighs down our energy and strength. We can barely move.

And then - a sweet voice whispers through the blackest darkness.

A song lifts on a chorus.

"One more day and it's not the same

Your spirit calls my heart to sing

Drawn to the voice of my Savior once again

Where would my soul be without your Son

Gave His life to save the earth

Rest in the thought that You're watching over me

All I need is You. All I need is You, Lord."

Beautiful lyrics sparkle in the darkness like stars in blackest night.

Shooing bats and spiders, I try not to listen,

afraid to open my eyes.

Yet the sparkles grow brighter, melding into light, the light of Jesus!

Through eyes closed shut, I sense the light.

This light that cannot be extinguished.

A sense of awe punctures the blackness of my thoughts.

Where was the music coming from?

I am alone - oh, so alone.

It must be -- but no.

Could it be the Holy Spirit -- singing this song to my soul?

One eye peeks open.

Through the dark walls of my cave, a tiny light beams at the end of a tunnel.

The light shimmers and grows like a beautiful mirage.

Beyond the dark cave, a clear blue sky opens over sunlit palm trees.

A warm breeze soothes my skin.

Drawn in, I open both eyes wide and stare.

The sky brightens to brilliant blue.

Clear azure water washes up onto sparkling white sand.

On the beach stands Jesus, arms outstretched to welcome me.

"All I need is you," He sang to me.

Behind Him, the beautiful beach shimmered as sunbeams glittered across the water.

Jesus' face glowed with a brilliant smile.

"All I need is you."

He sang in clear, soft words.

Love emanated from Him.

Love and warmth and sunshine and blue skies.

Sparkling sand and swaying palm trees and shimmering, deep blue waters.

The heavy blanket of darkness lifted.

My dark cave filled with the sunshine of God's Son.

I felt light, happy, glowing -- ready to join my Savior -- my best friend --

for a walk on the beach. Ready to sing and walk and talk with Him.

Smelling the ocean and blooming hibiscus.

Tasting salty air on my lips.

Feeling warm breeze on my cool skin.

Seeing Jesus' smiling face.

Hearing His gentle song.

"All I need is you."

I stepped forward and reached for Him.

He took my hand. Warmth and love filled me to bursting.

I was blinded by LIGHT and love and beauty -- seeing nothing else --

hearing nothing but the breeze and the waves and Jesus singing.

"All I need is You," I sang to Him.

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