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Babies in Heaven

“Be careful that you not corrupt one of these little ones. For I can assure you that in heaven each of their angelic guardians have instant access to my heavenly Father.”

Matthew 18:10 The Passion

Back on earth in the late 1940s, mere months after Kate and John’s wedding, they’d left England together. It was their homeland and all they’d ever known, but their country had been torn apart by war. Young and ambitious, John yearned for a new life in America. Although reluctant to leave her family, Kate loved her husband. She looked forward to an adventure together and their life in America was sweet.

But Kate never saw her parents again. They’d planned to visit, but circumstances never allowed it. Only a few years later, Kate’s parents were killed in an auto accident. Kate and John grew old together, and then he passed away too.

Newly arrived in heaven, Kate thrilled in seeing John again. Her 90-year-old body had been replaced with a gorgeous, glorified one.

“I’m so glad you’re here, Katie.” John used her childhood nickname and took her hand.

“Your calling me Katie reminds me of my father.” She grew wistful. But in heaven, there were no tears. She wasn’t sad, just remembered her daddy’s sweet voice. “One day I’ll see him again.”

“Today is that day.” The familiar baritone carried a thick British accent.

Kate’s jaw dropped.

John’s smile beamed at her. “I’m not the only one who’s been waiting for you.”

She looked around. Her father approached, his arm around her dear mother, who held a tiny baby.

“Papa! Mum!” Kate’s heart nearly burst with glee. Laughing, she ran to greet them. Her precious parents embraced her in a group hug that included the gurgling infant. “It’s been so long, so many lost years. There’s so much to tell you!”

“And so much to tell you, my dear.” Her mother held out the child toward Kate.

Like John, her mother looked as she had when Kate was young. In the prime of life, Mum shone with beauty that glowed from the inside out – radiant skin, flowing hair, perfectly fit, strong and healthy.

Her eyes twinkled as she motioned for Kate to take the baby.

“Whose baby is this?” Kate asked.

“Don’t you know?” her mother asked.

All at once, she did know. “But, but it can’t be.” She looked to John.

He nodded with satisfaction. “Your first, Katie. The baby we lost.”

Tears of joy might have welled, but only rays of light flowed from her. Overwhelming peace warmed her from within.

“She’s the girl you always wanted.” Mum placed the child into Kate’s arms.

“You’ve been taking care of her all this time?” Kate held the baby’s warmth, breathed deeply of her sweet baby smell.

“She has a guardian angel. But John, your dad and I hold her as much as we can.”

“What else is there to do in heaven?” Kate couldn’t imagine.

“Oh, you’ll see!” Her father laughed at Kate’s naivety.

So she’d see, but she all she wanted to do was enjoy this precious bundle. Mum was right. Kate loved her sons with all her being, and her daughters-in-law were delightful. But she’d dreamed of pretty dresses, childhood tea parties, and the secrets mothers and daughters share.

“Will she grow up?” Kate wondered aloud.

“Yes, now that you’re here.” Her father grinned.

“She’s been waiting for her mama” John explained. “We get to watch her grow up since we didn’t have that opportunity on earth.”

“But what if—” Did she dare voice it? “What if one of us didn’t come to heaven?”

“Oh, Katie.” Her father’s voice was gentle. “Then she would have been adopted by someone who didn’t have children of their own.”

Kate tried to absorb all God’s perfect solutions. She caressed one soft baby cheek.

“She’s so sweet.” Then the question came flooding in. “Does she have a name?”

Her mother’s breath caught. “We named her Lillian. But you can choose another name if you like.”

“After my grandmother —” the words faded as emotion filled Kate.

“And Grandmum is here too,” Mum smiled. “But we’ll save the family reunion for later. I think you’ve bliss enough for your first day.”

Kate nodded, full to the brim with bliss.

“Besides, you’ll want to see what’s happening down in Crystal Falls today.” John nodded toward a window in the clouds.


*This story is FICTIONAL and not based on biblical fact, but on the author’s imagination of what heaven might be like.

Kate James is the grandmother in Lilacs for Laura, the first novel in the Crystal Falls Series. To read about Kate’s life on earth, find Lilacs for Laura HERE.

Find all of Dianne's books HERE.

What are your thoughts? Do you think babies grow up in heaven?

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