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Learning to Rest

"He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams." Psalm 23:2

Wouldn't you love a hammock under palm trees by a secluded beach? Me too!

Learning to rest has been a journey for me. Mostly, it's been necessitated by growing older. At 61, I don't have as much energy as I used to. Like learning to clean a little at a time, I've learned to rest a little at a time.

In my younger days, after working all week, I'd spend an entire Saturday deep cleaning the house, or weeding and trimming the entire yard. If we were having a party, I'd spend the whole morning cleaning and the rest of the day cooking. (Bless my heart.)

Nowadays, I have to pace myself. Like last week's post about cleaning a little at a time. Read that post HERE: I do a little every day, with plenty of rest in between.

Recently, my husband and I have been sick. At first, I thought staying home sick gave me the perfect opportunity to catch up on writing. I'd stay home and take it easy, but still get stuff done.

However, as feeling terrible dragged on, I saw my husband take a different route. He slept. A lot. And he felt so much better the next day.

So I did too. For the next several days, I stayed home, drank tea with honey, sucked on cough drops, and SLEPT. Whenever I felt tired, I let myself sleep. For almost a week, I didn't wear contacts or makeup or pants with zippers. (The life! Ha!)

I finally starting feeling better. I left the house to get groceries. And last night, we went to see our grandson 'perform' at Vacation Bible School. (Although he didn't cooperate. Two year olds!)

Since I'm still not fully recovered, this morning I felt tired again. Imagine this -- I took a nap after breakfast. And I'm not embarrassed to tell you that! Now I feel great.

Finally, in my sixties, I'm learning to rest.

Our heavenly Father, creator of the universe, set our example to REST after creating the world. And He commanded us to do the same. Because He knows how much we need to.

May you enjoy sweet REST this summer and always.


"No wonder my heart is glad, and I rejoice. My body rests in safety." Psalm 16:9

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Really like this & glad you rested & are feeling much better. Starting Sunflowers for Sarita. Have enjoyed other 3 so much. Evonne put a good report on Charleston book on her Facebook. Keep writing. Have a blessed weekend ❤️



This is the message I needed to hear today! Thank you, Dianne, for sharing your real-life experiences and bringing this message home to me today. I will rest the remainder of today. And tomorrow I will feel better.

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